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Glass Fencing

If your home features a modern or contemporary design, ensure continuity of this look with the addition of glass fencing and balustrades.

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Semi-Framed or Frameless

We offer our clients a choice of semi-framed or frameless glass balustrades and fencing. Our semi-framed panels are 1200mm high and 10mm thick whereas our frameless panels are 1200mm high and 12mm thick to ensure that adequate protection is provided. Both types utilise toughened safety glass with polished bevel edges for a strong and streamlined finish.

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5frameless glass fence
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low maintenance

One of the best things about glass fencing and balustrades is that it is relatively low maintenance. During installation, we can apply a product called Ezicleen to your glass, which will help to reduce scratches and the need for cleaning. The use of marine grade steel in the frame also means that your balustrade and fencing will be rust resistant.

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Q. How strong is toughened safety glass?

Toughened glass is a Grade A safety glass that is made to Australian Standards. This means that it is incredibly strong and impact resistant. In the unlikely event that one of your panels breaks, it will break into small pieces that significantly reduce the chance of injury.

Q. What are the maximum gaps I can have between panels?

The maximum gap that you can have between glass panels is 100mm. The maximum gap that you can have between glass panels and the ground is 100mm (the ground underneath, however, needs to be stablised). We can also work with panels that are flush to the ground.


Dolphin Fencing is able to provide glass fencing to all areas of Melbourne and beyond, including: Mornington, Frankston, Portsea, Toorak, Brighton, Berwick, Cranbourne, Phillip Island and Inverloch.

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