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Pool, Aluminium and Timber Fencing Contractors in Melbourne

  • Pool Fencing

    We can help you choose from our wide range of pool fencing to complement the theme of your home, as well as to meet relevant standards. Our range includes: glass, aluminium, steel, aviary wire and temporary fencing.
    We can also assist with the modification of existing boundary fences to ensure that they are pool compliant. There are standards in Australia that dictate the minimum height for a swimming pool fence, and we can help you to comply.

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  • Colorbond Fencing

    We are a proud supplier of genuine Colorbond fencing, which is a staple of the Australian environment and suitable for a wide variety of applications (including boundary, front, garden, security and swimming pools).
    The panels are available in 14 designer colours and we can also supply you with matching gates and lattice panels. Whilst the fence is available in standard sizes, we can also arrange to have them custom made to a certain height if required.

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  • Timber Fencing

    We can help you choose from our wide range of timber fencing to complement your home, as well as meet its most pressing demands. Our range includes: post and rail, paling, timber battens, horizontal merbau and custom picket.
    Our fencing can be used for a variety of applications around your home, from blocking out the prying eyes of your neighbours to acting as a windbreak for your alfresco area. We also have a range of timbers on offer.

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  • Garden Fencing

    We can supply you with beautiful garden fencing in Melbourne to suit a number of applications, from a pen that protects your chickens from predators to a barrier between your children and vegetable patch.
    One of our most popular products is heritage fencing, which is woven into a variety of plain or intricate designs and can also be powder-coated. We also offer a range of heritage style gates that can complement your design.

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  • Security Fencing

    We can supply you with durable security fencing that will prevent unauthorised access to your home or business. We can help with the design of an effective solution, whether your aim is to keep students in or intruders out.
    Our range includes: tubular steel, chain mesh, bollards, razor wire, and barbed wire. All of these materials are incredibly strong and secure. We can also incorporate automated gates or swipe card access if desired.

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  • Glass Pool Fencing

    We can supply you with either frameless or semi-framed glass pool fencing in Melbourne, depending on the look you want to achieve. Both options feature toughened safety glass with polished bevel edges for maximum safety.
    This is an incredibly low maintenance product, especially if we have applied Ezicleen during installation (it will help to reduce scratches and the need to clean) – when it rains, your fence will clean itself!

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  • Aluminium Pool Fencing

    We can supply you with Sfercos’ ToughGuard aluminium pool fencing, which is currently available in over 20 different styles. We also have over 100 colours available, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your home.
    We are proud to support local Australian businesses, which is why all of our products are manufactured and powdercoated in a Geelong workshop. You can rest assured that our fences will withstand the harsh Aussie environment!

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