Our favourite types of pool fencing

If your swimming pool has been looking a little shabby around the edges of late, you might be interested in giving it a bit of a makeover. One highly effective way of doing this without spending an arm and a leg is by replacing your fencing. Often it is our fencing that starts to look a little worse for wear before anything else, so replacing it can give the whole pool area a new lease on life and ensure that it continues to comply with Australian Standards.
There is a variety of fencing types to choose from, including:


When it comes to glass pool fencing, the most popular options are frameless (where panels are fitted into spigots that are mounted to the ground, leaving each individual pane completely free of framing) and semi framed (where the panels are fitted with posts between them or with a handrail running across the top). Both of these options looks fantastic and are relatively low-maintenance as an added bonus!


All of the aluminium pool fencing in use today is generally locally sourced, giving you peace of mind that it will stand the test of time and the tough Australian conditions. You can also choose from a huge range of different styles and more than 100 powder coated colours, allowing you to find a perfect match for your home and swimming pool area.

Aviary Wire

An option that has long been a favourite on more rural properties and that is starting to gain popularity on more suburban ones, aviary wire pool fencing is comprised of a timber frame that is finished with a durable mesh. Children and animals are unable to force their way through the mesh, as it must meet certain strength requirements, and the holes are too small for anything to squeeze its way through.


Offering the utmost in strength and durability, steel pool fencing is available in either solid panels or tubular options. The Colorbond range is an incredibly popular choice for Australian homes and comes in a handful of styles, as well as 14 designer colours – match your fence to your roofing! As it’s designed for our harsh elements, this option is also quite low maintenance, it just needs to occasional clean.


Did you know that your swimming pool needs to be fenced even when it’s under construction? Whether you want to keep children and pets out of the area or you want to fill the shell with water before your actual fencing is ready, the temporary option could be for you. Temporary gates (which are self-closing) are also available, ensuring that access to the area can be restricted when required.
It’s also important to note that all pool fences require council permits – luckily, we can organise these from start to finish for you, taking the hassle out of your new build.
By simply replacing your pool fencing, you can quickly and easily give your pool area a makeover. With so many options to choose from, you will be able to replace your existing fence with a more updated look or you can switch to a new material entirely. 
Speak with the registered building practitioners at Dolphin Fencing today – we can help you choose the perfect material for your home!