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Aviary Wire Pool Fencing


Popular Rural Choice

Living in a rural area often means that you are looking for an unobtrusive fence – after all, you don’t want to block your views of rolling hills and paddocks. Aviary wire pool fencing is the perfect choice for these sorts of locations – the fence is comprised of a timber frame and 12mm x 12mm mesh that is relatively see-through unless you’re looking for it.


Strong and Secure

There are minimum size and strength requirements that we have to meet when installing aviary fencing on your property. These ensure that children and animals simply cannot push or break through the mesh (gaining access to the swimming pool area) and that animals cannot slip through the holes, giving you peace of mind.

Q. Are children able to climb over these fences?

One worry of many parents is that their children will be able to climb over the fence and into the swimming pool area. The good thing about this wire is that the gaps in the mesh are not big enough for children to get a handhold or foothold on.

Q. What kinds of gate are suitable for these fences?

We are able to custom make a gate in the same style as your aviary fence ق│ô a timber frame with mesh spanning the gaps. We are also able to incorporate a gate in another material if you so desire ق│ô please contact us to discuss your particular needs.


Dolphin Fencing is able to provide an aviary wire fence to all areas of Melbourne and beyond, including: Mornington, Frankston, Portsea, Toorak, Brighton, Berwick, Cranbourne, Phillip Island and Inverloch.

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